About UsWe strive towards delivering the best of social media campaign marketing services

How we started out

Years ago, the rise of social media began to take place. Many people who were scammed by bot farm sites wanted to grow their accounts quickly. Account deletion and penalties occur if an account is caught with many bots influencing their likes and subscribers. Uniformed people looking to boost their profiles would buy these bot farm services and lose their accounts and all their real followers and subscribers. When they would try to contact these sites for questions and refunds, no representative would give them the time of day. Once all these revelations came to light, people began to catch onto bot scam sites. To help a market full of doubt and suspicion, the creators of Admummy decided to act. They created a company that delivers real results and values its clients. Admummy guarantees its services and offers will be high quality and only completed by real people. Since then, Admummy has built up a sizeable amount of satisfied clients. They also continue to return to us when they need assistance with their social media profiles and goals.