Spark Databox comprehensive ethical hacking online course concentrates on most leading security areas to implement a pragmatic strategy for requisite security operations and validates your high-level skill-sets to flourish in the global data security field.

Trainer’s Profile

All of our profoundly qualified trainers are industry experts with at least 12-15 years of consistent teaching experience. Each of our mentors has gone through a meticulous selection method, which includes profile screening, professional evaluation, and a training class demo before they are approved for the training session. We also assure that only those trainers with high alumni rank continue to train candidates.


At the end of the Ethical Hacking online training course, candidates are supposed to work in real-world projects with good results to receive the course completed certification. If the candidates fail to deliver good results on a real-time project, we will assist them by the solution for their doubts and queries and support reattempting the project.  

Features of Spark Databox

  • Hands-on training and conferences
  • Expert-led practical training
  • On-demand online courses
  • Relevant and printable study materials
  • Advance on-site training
  • 24/7 assistance by our industrial experts
  • Providing a quiz for practice
  • Provide you with sample questions
  • Provide you with self-paced labs

Placement Support

We have Job Placement support all around the globe for every technology. Right after your course registration, we begin our steps to train you to achieve the certifications with a good score and complete the projects required for acquiring a job in a top company. In the meantime, our industry experts will conduct Interview sessions to make you ready for the placement. We help you gain complete knowledge and experience to attain a Job.