We Provide the following Financial Services directly from a Prime Bank for both companies and individuals:

1. Project/Business Direct Financing/Funding.2. Credit-Loan.3. Monetization of Bank instruments with High LTV.4. Bank Guarantees Or Standby Letter Of Credits which is swift via MT760 from a prime bank,fresh cut,fully cash backed and registered on EUROCLEAR SYSTERM.5. EuroBonds.6. Proof Of Funds(POF) MT799.7. Bank Payment Undertaking(BPU).8. MT103 One Way Or Two Ways.

General Guidelines:* EUR/USD 1 million minimum instrument size.* Instruments are cash-backed.* 366 day term.* 100% SUCCESSFUL TRANSACTION GUARANTEED.

For more informations and details,you can contact me via email.

Thank You,Melikidze D.Culliton.Email: culliton.dm@gmail.com